Why Colonial Life

Offering voluntary coverage through Colonial Life ensures your employees have access to a plan that covers extraordinary expenses not paid for by their regular health insurance.  Our plans put cash directly into families’ hands.  We help them bridge the medical expenses not covered by their high-deductible health insurance and provide funds to continue paying for regular needs, like buying groceries, while they are unable to work.

What a wonderful resource for employers – a plan that enhances mandatory health insurance coverage, reduces payroll tax expenses, and provides solutions to reduce unnecessary workers’ compensation claims.  Unlike some of our competitors, your employees will truly experience value when utilizing Colonial Life benefits.  Take a look at our New Employee Experience video to see how.  Voluntary never looked so good!

Marsh Benefits has gone above and beyond with their services time and time again. We would highly recommend for Marsh Benefits to take care of any and all of your insurance needs

Gayle Perry, Center for Health and Wellness

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